Pad Your Wallet This Summer With a Duct Sealing


Pad Your Wallet This Summer With a Duct Sealing

Although you can’t see it, you probably have a great deal of air leaking out of your HVAC system through the ducts. The average home loses as much as 30 percent of its air through the ducts. This means you’re paying to cool air that never makes it into your home. Make sure you’re battling the Henderson, Nevada, heat efficiently and affordably by sealing your ducts this summer.

Improve Efficiency

Sealing your ducts will stop the dreaded air loss through this area. Sealed ducts can improve efficiency in your home by up to 20 percent. This means a lower utility bill every month from this one job. Over the course of a few years, your duct sealing can even pay for itself.

Downsize Your System

If your ducts are properly sealed, you won’t need as large of a system to keep your home cool. With a well-designed duct system, you can often downsize your air conditioner and heater. This means you can upgrade more affordably to something that’s more efficient all around. If you’re considering a new air conditioner, have your ducts serviced at the same time for the most affordable upgrade.

Improve Air Quality

Leaky ducts can pull insulation particles, outdoor pesticides, building dust, and other pollutants into your system and ultimately into the home. This, in turn, will lower your indoor air quality. Your family may be suffering from persistent illness, allergies, or asthma symptoms as a result. Put a stop to missed work and school, increase your productivity, and eliminate some of your medical bills by sealing your ducts and keeping these pollutants out.

A duct sealing is an efficient solution that will ultimately help you save money on your heating and cooling. With your freshly sealed ducts, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, from even temperatures to better air quality. If you’re ready to learn more about sealing the ducts in your home, contact Ambient Edge at 702-723-4704. We can help you improve your HVAC system for a comfortable summer.

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