Many of us dread the colder months because we hate the idea of touching the thermostat to keep warm. With the price and availability of oil in the colder months, or the price of electric in general if you use electric heat, you certainly want to do everything you can to keep your usage down. Below are some tips on how best to warm up without having to increase the temperature on your thermostat.

However, if the reason you need to stay warm is because your heat isn’t working, then you need to call a licensed professional. Our Ambient Edge technicians are available whenever you need us, day or night, to get your heating system back up and running. Give us a call at

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1.    Warm Your Body Up, Rather than Your House

When you’re feeling cold, it may be easier to warm up your body rather than your house. It’s certainly more cost-effective! Throw on some layers or a robe or cook up a steaming hot cup of cocoa or tea. And don’t be afraid to put on a hat and scarf – why not? Who’s going to see you?

2.    Turn on Your Ceiling Fan

This tip may sound crazy, but it works. Hot air, as we all know, rises to the top of a room. By turning on the ceiling fan to its lowest setting and reversing its direction to spin clockwise, you force the hot air back down to your level where it belongs. Just don’t leave it on for so long that you freeze the room out, of course. You want to leave it on just long enough to feel a difference.

3.    Keep Busy

A great way to stay warm is to move around, so if your house is on the chilly side, use this time to get caught up on chores. Need to vacuum, mop, or clean the entire bathroom from top to bottom? This is the time to do it. Do any and all those bigger jobs you’ve been putting off, and you’ll be sweating in no time.

4.    Get Baking

Some people turn the oven on to increase the heat in the house. Why not bake something while you’re doing that? You’ll be using the energy you’d otherwise be wasting, plus you’ll have sweet treats afterward and, bonus: it’s a chore, so you’ll be keeping warm that way, too!

5.    Take a Shower or Bath

Sometimes, when it’s so cold that you can feel it in your bones, a hot shower is the only thing that can truly “thaw you out.” However, don’t make the water extremely hot if you’re extremely cold – you can damage your skin (and more, depending on the temperature) when you can’t feel the difference in the temperature right away. In fact, if you alternate between hot and cold, you’ll encourage good circulation, and you will warm up quicker.

6.    Put Something Warm Under Your Sheets

If excess blankets don’t do the trick, put something warm under your sheets, like a hot water bottle. The sheets will insulate the bottle and keep the entire bed warm. Don’t have a hot water bottle? Use a warmed-up bag of rice or a bean bag.

7.    Use a Pool Noodle as a Draft Guard

Pool noodles are great because you can use them for so much more than pool noodles. Cut them in half, wrap them in fabric, and line the bottoms of your doors with them to help keep the drafts out.

8.    Improve Your Window Dressing

Think of curtains like clothes. Thin curtains are fine for the warmer months, but when the cold wind blows, thicker curtains will help keep your home warmer. Switch over to wool or fleece curtains in the colder months, and be sure to open them on warmer days to let the heat in.

9.    Space Out Your Bed

If your bed is flush to the wall, this can make it colder. Move it a few inches away from the wall, and you should notice a marked difference in its temperature.

10.   Cover Your Windows in Plastic

Covering your windows in plastic can also help keep the house warmer. You can buy inexpensive window kits that contain plastic similar to the kind used for Easter gift baskets. Simply put it on the windows or on patio doors you’re not using in the winter and blow-dry it to secure it. Voila – added insulation!

Having Difficulty Keeping Warm? Ambient Edge Can Help!

If you’ve tried these tips and still can’t seem to stay warm, you may need to call in a professional to look at your heating system. Do you have a programmable thermostat? You may find it helpful in that you can come home every day to a warm house, rather than fight with your thermostat for an hour before you finally warm up.

If you’d like to have a programmable thermostat installed, our technicians at Ambient Edge can help. We offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee in case you are unhappy for any reason. So, fill out our contact form or give us a call at (888) 240-8283. We can help you warm up when all else fails, so call now!

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