What to Expect If You’ve Missed Routine HVAC Maintenance


What to Expect If You’ve Missed Routine HVAC Maintenance

To deal with Arizona and Nevada's often challenging climate effectively, your heating and cooling system needs diligent care. Missed HVAC maintenance impairs your system's performance in ways that cost you cash, comfort and even your safety.

Higher Bills All Around

To operate at top energy efficiency, your system's components need to be clean and in good repair. Debris buildup and other issues that may not cause obvious performance problems still reduce efficiency. Dust on the fan motor forces it to use more energy to run at the correct speed. A clogged A/C condenser coil impairs airflow through your whole system, cutting its overall energy efficiency. Even a millimeter of dust on the evaporator coil brings down its efficiency

Left too long, the debris itself and the strain it causes wears out components prematurely. For example, when the evaporator isn't working efficiently, it places excess pressure on the compressor, which is a particularly expensive component. You're likely to end up with repair bills for component repair or replacement that could have been avoided by keeping up on maintenance.

Compromised Comfort and Safety

Missed HVAC maintenance also interferes with your system's ability to keep you comfortable and operate safely. You may find you have to raise or lower the thermostat temperature to extremes just to get a fraction of the heat or cooling you used to. Some issues, such as a clogged condensate drain, can shut down your system completely or cause damage to your home.

A cracked furnace heat exchanger releases carbon monoxide (CO). Trace amounts of this gas causes headaches and fatigue, while large amounts can be fatal. A poorly maintained furnace or air conditioner can become a fire hazard. A malfunctioning furnace ignition, blocked flue, and short circuit are all potential causes of fires that be prevented through routine maintenance.

For more information on missed HVAC maintenance, check out Ambient Edge's preventive maintenance plans or call 928-263-8698 in Arizona or 702-723-4704 in Nevada.

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