Whole Home Ventilation Systems: Which One is Best for Your Home?


Whole home ventilation systems work to keep the air in your home fresh, but they do much more. Find out everything you need to know about different types of whole-home ventilators, including how they’re particularly helpful for tightly insulated homes.

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Exhaust Ventilation Systems

These systems are designed to push stale air out of your home, exhaust-only ventilation systems work best in cool climates. They depressurize your home and exhaust air through a central vent. Since they don’t have a mechanism for drawing in fresh air, these systems are ideal for homes that have passive vents or natural air leaks.

Supply Ventilation Systems

Supply ventilation systems work in the opposite way, pressurizing your home to draw in fresh air and force out stale air through leaks and ducts. These systems offer better control than exhaust-only systems, and they also provide filtering options to keep outdoor pollutants out of your home’s air supply. At Ambient Edge, we often recommend supply ventilation systems for hot climates.

Balanced Ventilation Systems

Designed to work in all climates, balanced ventilation systems offer the best of both worlds. They keep fresh air circulating through your home by pulling in new air and exhausting stale air on a continual basis. Balanced ventilation systems focus on exhausting air from the kitchen, bathroom, and other hotspots while introducing fresh air in bedrooms and other living spaces.

Energy-Recovery and Heat-Recovery Ventilation Systems

For balanced ventilation that maximizes energy efficiency, consider an energy-recovery or heat-recovery ventilation system. A model like the Healthy Climate Energy-Recovery Ventilator draws fresh air into your home while pushing excess heat and moisture outside.

This type of system also recovers around three-quarters of the energy from the exhausted air and uses that to pre-condition the incoming air. That means even tightly insulated homes can enjoy fresh air without excessive energy consumption.

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