AC is a big investment, so you want it to run for as many years as possible — and as efficiently as possible. But many homeowners don’t realize how much of their AC’s performance is within their control. So, how do you increase the efficiency and life of your AC? Below we’ll look at the two biggest things you can do that have a HUGE impact — and all the little things that add up, too.

The Two Biggest Ways to Increase Efficiency and Life of AC

If you want to make the biggest difference in your AC’s performance and longevity, start with these two steps:

  1. Set the thermostat a few degrees warmer. Yep, we know, the whole point of AC is to keep the house cool, right? Why would you set it any warmer? Well, the reality is that many people keep their home pretty cold — and that’s often not necessary for comfort, even in the peak of summer. And setting your thermostat even a little warmer will dramatically reduce the amount of work your air conditioning system has to do. Think about whether you could go 5 degrees higher than your current AC setting, and adjust from there.
  2. Perform maintenance on your air conditioner twice a year. AC maintenance is recommended once a year nationwide, and twice a year in very hot areas like Las Vegas. For central AC, maintenance includes thoroughly cleaning the inside elements of the unit, inspecting all parts of the air conditioning system, and a tune-up for anything that’s not running at maximum efficiency. This should be a service you can get done for you — we offer affordable, flat-rate AC service and maintenance calls, as well as twice-yearly maintenance plans.

7 Little Ways to Improve AC Efficiency & Extend AC Lifespan

There are other steps you can take too, and they really add up. For example:

  1. Keep your vents clear. Don’t let furniture, boxes, or toys block them.
  2. Make sure you change your AC air filter as often as you’re supposed to — once a month for most air filters.
  3. Make sure the condenser unit is free of debris (that’s the big unit outside). Trim back plants around it and get any leaves or debris off of it.
  4. Close your curtains, drapes or blinds — at least when the sun would be coming directly in. If you’re gone at work all day, close everything before you leave.
  5. Put your AC on a timer so that it’s set to a warmer temperature when no one’s home. If you have it kick on about 30 minutes before you typically get home, you won’t even notice a difference.
  6. Consider insulating your ducts or getting your ductwork checked for leaks.
  7. Take steps to make your home more energy-efficient in general. We offer an affordable home energy audit to show you where you can make the biggest gains. Anything that keeps the cool air indoors will make your AC’s job easier — and save you money.

We Make Your AC Run Better — and Longer

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