Increase The Efficiency And Life

AC systems are not a minor investment. And you want to get the most possible out of your AC unit—including low energy bills, high efficiency, and a long life. So how do you increase efficiency and life at the same time? Here are 6 simple ways you can get the best performance possible.

6 Ways to Increase AC Efficiency and Life

  1. Put your AC on a timer…
    One of the single biggest things you can do to increase your AC’s efficiency and life is to set a timer so that AC doesn’t run at times you’re never home. For many homes, that means it shuts off Monday to Friday during work hours or at least the kids’ school hours. This doesn’t just save energy, it also gives the AC unit a break. Running it just 5 hours less a day, on weekdays only, saves your AC system 650 hours of run time per Las Vegas summer.
  2. …but adjust that timer as needed.
    Don’t get overzealous with that timer. If you come home and the entire house is warm—or even hot—it means the AC is going to have to work overtime once it does kick back on. Try reducing the number of hours it’s off for the day, even if it has to run an hour or two when no one’s there.
  3. Keep vents clean and open.
    This is a simple and easy one. If vents are blocked by toys or furniture, or clogged up with dust AC has to struggle to keep the house cool. Vacuum air vents regularly and keep the majority of vents in your home open most of the time.
  4. Clear the area around your AC unit.
    This is an outdoor tip, and it can make a huge difference. The compressor unit—the outdoor AC unit—will struggle and wear out fast if it’s choked with weeds, debris, or anything blocking off its air flow. Trim back any plants around it and make sure the area is clear.
  5. Change your AC filter regularly.
    This is one of the simplest ways to increase AC efficiency and extend its lifespan. Some filters can go longer than others without being replaced, so check the instructions, but if you use the normal fiberglass filters you’ll need to change them every month. Even filters that say they can go longer should be changed more often if you have cigarette smoke, pets, allergies, or more than 2 people in the home.
  6. Get your AC serviced twice a year.
    The above tips are easy DIY steps, but nothing makes a bigger difference in your AC’s lifespan, efficiency, and performance than a regular tune-up. In Las Vegas, you should have a tune-up every 6 months or so. It should include a thorough cleaning, inspection, and adjustment of the unit itself.

Boost Efficiency & Extend AC Life with an AC Tune-Up

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