No one should go into a home improvement project blind. That’s doubly true when you’re looking at the dozens of ways you could potentially save on energy costs—or solve comfort problems. In Las Vegas, every home is different. You need to know the best way to reduce energy costs in your home, and exactly how much money you can expect to save. The best way to do that is to get a home energy audit.

Ambient Edge is here to help. We are your friendly, top-reviewed Las Vegas home energy audit company. Here’s what we offer:

  • Comprehensive energy auditsthat get you all the answers you need—with numbers to back them up
  • The best technicians in the business, with NATE certification and extensive technical training
  • 5-Star Service so your entire audit is as simple and useful as possible
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every audit we conduct

Let us help you save money. Give us a call at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to the right and talk to an expert today.

What does Ambient Edge include in my home energy audit?

We perform comprehensive audits with cutting edge technology. You will get a room-by-room, interior and exterior evaluation of your home’s strengths and weaknesses—and the areas that will deliver the most return on investment.

Here’s what’s included in our home energy audits:

  • Whole-home analysis We look at every key space, every system and the airflow dynamics of your house.
  • Extensive inspection checklist No one is more exhaustive in assessing your energy usage. We review your heating, AC, ductwork, home appliances, and the current state of your insulation—in the attic and in the exterior walls.
  • Energy usage breakdown We use a simple energy usage survey to evaluate your current biggest costs, the key areas for improvement, and the best strategies to reduce waste and usage.
  • Air leak test Air can “leak” from the home around windows, doors and other insulation weak spots. This airflow leakage is often the biggest culprit behind high energy costs, both in summer and winter. We do a complete air leak test to identify the places that need attention.
  • The most helpful report you’ll ever get We crunch the numbers and put together a complete report with smart recommendations. You’ll see which improvements will have the biggest impact—and all the details you need.
  • We give you hard numbers Our report will include estimates on repair/upgrade costs, as well as accurate estimates on your potential savings. We want you to have a clear picture of how much return you can expect on any project.
  • Savings and rebates We take the time to identify any rebates or other incentives that could further bring down your costs.

How do I know if I need a home energy audit?

Audits are most useful when you either need information about your current energy performance or have already decided you need to cut your bills. They’re also useful if you have stubborn problems with heating or cooling your home. There are countless possible fixes to boost energy efficiency and performance, but they won’t all deliver the same results. Getting an audit helps you choose the right one.

Typically, a home energy audit is most useful if you’re in any of these situations:

  • You feel your energy bills are too high. If you’re sick of paying gigantic heating and cooling bills, an energy audit is your best tool to unlock savings. No homeowner can upgrade or fix everything, so your audit will show you the specific changes that will save you the most.
  • You recently bought your home. New homeowners of any home, whether it’s newer or older, are well served by conducting a full energy audit. Previous owners may not have carried out essential maintenance like cleaning and sealing ducts, and insulation may be wearing thin. In many cases, a previous owner will say they installed energy efficient appliances, but those appliances may not be saving as much as you think.
  • You have an older home. Older homes tend to be much less energy efficient than newer ones. But they don’t have to be that way. Often, older homes are the ones that benefit most from energy-saving improvements, and your audit will tell you the top changes to make to slash those huge bills.
  • You’re planning on upgrading heating, AC or appliances. If you’re considering new appliances or a new home heating/cooling system, get an energy audit first. You may be surprised at which appliances will actually deliver the biggest difference.
  • You’re sick of warm, cold or uncomfortable rooms. Many homeowners request an audit just because they have “warm spots” in the summer, drafts in the winter or a home heating or cooling problem that won’t go away. An audit can help turn up the underlying source and get you back to the level of comfort you deserve.

If any of these describe you, you may be wasting more money than you think. Your energy audit will act as your blueprint to reducing costs and boosting comfort.

Get Your Home Energy Audit—and Start Saving Money Today

More than 35% of your energy bills could be leaking from your home. Stop putting up with high bills and uncomfortable rooms. The NATE-certified experts at Ambient Edge are ready to give you a friendly, informative energy audit. Call us at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to your right and talk to an expert today.

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