Your air conditioning ducts are the lungs of your home or commercial space. Although you don’t often see them, they move air through your home at all times—whether it’s to heat, to cool or simply the natural movement of air when the system is turned off. Unfortunately, that means the same air recirculates through your home over and over. And when dust or allergens build up in the ductwork, that can cause problems. That’s why all ducts need regular cleaning, sealing and maintenance.

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Why do I need my ducts cleaned?

Ducts need to be cleaned for three main reasons:

  1. Allergens build up and contaminants decrease air quality. Over time, dust and other contaminants settles into the duct system. Air cycles through over and over, picking them up and distributing them through the house. Over time this leads to declining air quality—even in a clean home.
  2. Some contaminants can make you sick. Bacteria and other sources of illness can reside in ducts if they aren’t properly maintained, especially if they are leaking or need repair. This can pose a threat to the health of people inside your home or business even if they don’t have allergies.
  3. Dirty ducts affect your Heating/AC system. A buildup of contaminants means your system will burn through air filters, strain to deliver warm or cool air, and ultimately be at higher risk of wearing out or having a breakdown.

Here’s the bottom line: cleaning your ducts saves you money and protects your health. Getting a professional to clean and inspect your ductwork is one of the easiest ways to improve your air quality as a homeowner or business owner.

How often do I need to clean my air ducts?

It depends. In a residence, the general recommendation is once every 5 to 10 years. If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma, keep it to every 5 years or even more frequently if possible. Likewise, ducts in homes with pets or smokers should receive more frequent cleaning.

For businesses, more often is better. A retail space or office should have a cleaning every 5 years. More punishing environments, like restaurants or any commercial kitchen, should consider making a thorough cleaning part of regular maintenance.

Ambient Edge offers affordable maintenance plans for both commercial HVAC systems and standard home installations.

4 Signs You Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned

While regular duct cleaning is a good general policy, sometimes there will be clear signs it’s overdue. Here are four of the surest signs your ducts need to be cleaned:

  1. Allergies are getting worse. If you or someone you love is seeing more frequent flare-ups of allergies, it’s a sign that the air you’re breathing is not as clean as it should be. Most of the time the problem comes from within the home; even outside allergens (such as pollen) get more potent when they recirculate over and over indoors.
  2. Asthma or respiratory issues. While asthma can be caused by many things, anyone who has lived with it knows how sensitive it makes you to air quality. If you are having asthma attacks in your home, duct cleaning will never hurt and in many cases will bring substantial relief.
  3. Musty odors. The inside of a home should have a fresh, clean smell. If you’re getting a musty odor there is a cause. And if the musty odor is strongest when you’re running the heat or AC, it’s likely that the odor is coming from your ducts. That’s a sure sign they need to be cleaned.
  4. Recent construction. If you’ve had recent construction or remodeling done, the amount of dust in your ducts is likely at an all-time high. This dust can persist for years, contributing to respiratory difficulty and in some cases even coming out of vents to make your space dustier.

How do I know if my air ducts need sealing or repair?

Every duct system needs regular cleaning, but sealing and repair requirements will depend largely on your specific system. Some systems will run for a decade or longer with no major leaking. Others run into problems much more quickly.

Sealing and repair are each needed for different reasons:

  • Air duct sealing helps keep air from leaking out of your ducts. Each section of ductwork has joints which are sealed during installation and help make the duct virtually airtight. But over time the seals can degrade or get damaged. The result? Less efficient AC and heat for you, and higher heating costs for your entire space. In some cases, bad seals also admit more contaminants into the duct.
  • Ductwork repairs are mainly needed when the ducts have become corroded or when there was poor ductwork design in the first place. Damaged or faulty ducts can have large holes that “bleed” warm or cool air. They can also develop low places that collect moisture and lead to mold problems. A routine ductwork inspection from a professional will turn up any problem spots. Repairs can usually be completed quickly.

At Ambient Edge, we offer a single easy service call for duct cleaning . If you are experiencing any issues with air quality—or declining AC efficiency—don’t wait. Talk to a professional today.

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