Air quality tests in Nevada can identify many different contaminants in your indoor air supply, including mold. You might also be able to identify mold through a chemical mold test. Some homeowners even bring in professionals to perform a mold inspection to detect mold infestations.

So, what are the differences between mold tests, mold inspections, or air quality tests when it comes to detecting mold? Find out which option may work best for you, if you need one at all, and what you can learn from a mold assessment with Ambient Edge. Get personalized answers to your questions by calling (888) 240-8283.

How Does an Air Quality Test Identify Mold?

Air quality testing involves taking a sample of the air in your home and then assessing it for air pollutants. You can get a comprehensive air quality test performed that will look for multiple contaminants, including:

  • Allergens
  • Asbestos
  • Mold
  • Radon
  • And More

This broad-spectrum air quality test can be useful if you suspect you have an indoor air pollution problem, but you aren’t sure about the cause. You can also have a specific mold air test performed. Air quality testing generally provides you with highly accurate information about exactly:

  • What Type of Mold You Are Dealing With
  • How Much Mold You Have in Your Home

Note that air quality tests tend to be more expensive than chemical mold tests, though they are not as costly as full mold inspections.

Can You Use a Chemical Mold Test in Nevada?

You can get fast answers about whether or not a material is mold with a chemical mold test in Nevada. Chemical mold tests require a sample of the material you suspect to be fungal. You place this material in a test liquid, which will then change color to indicate the presence or absence of mold.

Chemical mold tests are faster and cheaper than air quality tests. However, they will not tell you what kind of mold you have in your house. However, if you just want to confirm your suspicion that you are dealing with mold, they might be the right option for you.

What Happens in a Full Mold Inspection?

If you suspect you have a mold problem, you can also bring in professionals for a mold inspection. Mold inspectors can search for mold in hard-to-reach areas of your home. They can search:

  • Walls and Wall Cavities
  • Foundation Walls and Crawl Spaces
  • Air Conditioning Systems and Heating Vents
  • Attic Spaces and Chimneys

A visual mold inspection can give you incredibly thorough answers about any fungal infestation in your property. Some mold inspectors will even perform an air quality test to increase their understanding of your situation. Mold inspections are your most expensive option for mold testing, but they can provide you with the most comprehensive answers.

Do You Need to Test for Mold?

Understanding your options for mold testing is the first step in determining whether or not you need a mold test. Generally, you do not need to test for mold if you can see visible fungal growth. You may wish to carry out a mold test if:

  • You Experienced Water Damage
  • You Can Smell Mold but Not See it
  • You Have Health Issues That Could be Caused by Mold

Mold tests may also be useful after you go through the mold removal process, to make sure the levels of mold in your home are within safe and acceptable levels.

What Happens If Your Home Tests Positive for Mold?

Finding mold in your home can be unsettling. Fortunately, you have many options when it comes to mold remediation in Nevada. An air quality test or mold inspection may provide you with immediate answers about the type of mold you have, including any warnings about toxic mold.

Regardless of the type of mold growing in your property, professional technicians can remove mold growth, disinfect your property, and take care of any mold odors. Note that the clean-up process may require air duct cleaning, especially if your air ducts are older or damaged.

Aging or dirty air ducts can collect moisture, allowing mold to grow and spread throughout your home as air circulates. Make sure you’re ready for comprehensive mold cleanup services by focusing on all areas where mold could grow.

Clean Up Mold in Your Home in Nevada Today

Testing for mold can help you identify a fungal infestation before it spreads further through your home. You can take steps to restore your home with mold remediation and air duct cleanup. Learn more about your options by calling Ambient Edge at (888) 240-8283, or completing our online contact form.

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