You know the phrase “nature finds a way?” Well, unfortunately, sometimes this also applies to your plumbing drains. If you’ve been having difficulties with your plumbing in Arizona or Nevada as of late, and you can’t seem to figure out the cause, you may just be dealing with tree roots making their way into your plumbing drains.

Below, we offer some tips on how to tell if this is what you are experiencing. If so, then you need to call a professional. While this may seem like a bizarre issue, here at Ambient Edge, our technicians have decades of experience dealing with problems just like yours. If tree roots are causing you plumbing headaches, give us a call at 888-230-5160 to schedule service.

Signs of a Tree Root Obstruction

You may think that because you can’t see your pipes, you can’t possibly tell if something is growing into them, but that’s not necessarily true. Here are some signs that may suggest that trees have begun burrowing their way into your pipes:

  • Sinkholes: When tree roots grow into plumbing drains, they create leaks, which can cause sinkholes to form in your yard.
  • Unpleasant Odor: If you’ve noticed a smell, not unlike that of rotten eggs upon leaving your home, this may be a sign that tree roots have burrowed into your sewer lines.
  • Tree Growth: If a tree on your property seems to be healthier and growing faster than your other trees, this may mean it’s getting more moisture – perhaps from leaks from your plumbing drains.

If you have spotted any of these signs in your own yard, then it’s time to call a professional.

Reasons for Tree Root Obstructions

You may be wondering, how do tree roots manage to grow through pipes in the first place? Tree roots can burrow through your plumbing in a few ways. For instance:

  • Tree roots can locate a crack in your pipe or sewer and continue to grow right through it.
  • Sewer vapor, which includes moisture and nutrients, encourages underground plant growth.
  • During droughts or colder temperatures, tree roots will seek out moisture wherever they can find it – including homeowner’s plumbing drains.

Normally, homeowners don’t even realize this is happening until they start experiencing problems with their plumbing. The only way to prevent this from happening is to be aware of the proximity of your trees in the yard to the main sewer lines. Unfortunately, while the main sewer lines are the town or city’s problem, the effect of trees on the main sewer line – which then affects your property – is yours.

You can also work with a professional landscaper to identify any destructive trees on your property and take steps toward mitigating the problem.

Removal of Tree Root Obstructions

Once a technician has discovered tree roots in a homeowner’s pipes, it is then time to remove them, but how do they do this? First, the technician will use powerful blades to cut the tree roots out of the pipe and remove the blockage. Then, the technician will repair the pipe.

As for preventing this from occurring again in the future, the technician may provide you with a chemical to pour down the toilet a couple of times each year to kill off anything that may be growing in your pipes.

Susceptible Pipes

Some pipes are more susceptible to tree root intrusion. For instance, tree roots can easily penetrate and damage clay pipes. They can also penetrate concrete and PVC pipes, but not as easily as they can damage clay pipes. PVC pipes offer additional protection in that they have fewer joints, and the joints they do have provide a tighter fit that joints on other pipes do. They are therefore less susceptible to leaks in the event a root does manage to find its way in.

Having Issues with Tree Root Intrusions into Your Plumbing? Ambient Edge Can Help!

It’s difficult to deal with underground issues because more often than not, by the time you realize you have a problem, it’s already too late to prevent significant damage. If you believe you have a tree root intrusion, don’t panic. Ambient Edge is available 24/7 to help with plumbing emergencies day or night. We also offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our parts and labor.

If you need a professional plumber with extensive experience in rooting out plumbing problems (pun intended), then fill out our contact form or give us a call at 888-230-5160. When you need someone you can trust with the fast removal of intrusive tree root obstructions, look no further than Ambient Edge. Call now!

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