You can get used to the normal sounds your central heating pump makes as it operates to keep your house at a comfortable temperature in Nevada. Any change can leave you wondering: why is my central heating pump making noise?

As we said, some noises are part of the normal operation of your air pump. Other noises can alert you that something is wrong. You can go over some common causes for strange noises from heating pumps here. If you discover a problem that needs professional help, you can call Ambient Edge at

(888) 240-8283 to get dedicated service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What Noises Are Normal for Your Central Heating Pump?

Before we discuss noises that might indicate a problem with your heating pump, let’s go over some of the noises you can expect to hear when your central heating pump is operational. For example, you may get used to hearing the following sounds from your outdoor unit when:

  • Your Pump Enters Defrost Mode. Entering defrost mode causes a valve to shift in your heating pump, which can cause a ‘whooshing’ sound that is normal. The ‘whooshing’ noise is frequently followed by a louder tinny sound
  • Your Pump Starts or Shuts Off. You may notice a clanking or back-pedaling sound when your outdoor unit starts up or after it shuts off
  • Your Pump Is Running Normally. Some outdoor units for central heating pumps buzz or hum when they are operating. This is generally a side-effect of normal operation and not a cause for concern

You may get used to hearing these sounds to the point that you do not even notice them after a while. This can make changes even more noticeable, which can help you identify potential problems quickly.

What Noises Can Indicate a Problem for Your Central Heating Pump?

While many of the noises your central heating pump makes are normal, some can indicate a serious issue. You may need to act quickly if you hear:

  • Sounds of Metallic Collisions. Anytime you hear metal hitting metal in your outdoor unit, you should take action. The fan blades in your central heating pump could be impacting something, damaging themselves and threatening your unit’s motor. You should turn off your unit immediately if you see something in the way of your fan blades
  • Metallic Vibration Noises. Your unit may sound like it is vibrating if some parts have come loose. Interestingly, vibration can also occur if your refrigerant piping is tightly strapped to your unit. Note that, sometimes, vibrations are just a natural part of the operation of your heat pump
  • Gurgling Noises. A gurgling outdoor unit may indicate that your refrigerant levels are low. A team of professionals at address this issue to remove the sound
  • Hissing Sounds. Sometimes, hissing sounds indicate that your reversing valve has gone bad. This valve can be replaced to get your outdoor unit functioning properly again

It’s important that you address strange noises from your central heating pump quickly. A delay can allow the problem to grow worse, causing further damage to your heating system.

Can Heat Pump Repairs Take Care of Strange Noises?

A strange noise from your central heating pump can serve as an early warning that something is breaking down. You can call a heating system and furnace repair company to immediately address the issues causing your heating pump to make noise.

Depending on your situation, heating system repair technicians may need to replace parts and repair damage to your system. The crews at Ambient Edge are fully equipped to handle repairs to central heating pumps in Nevada.

All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The repairs can ensure that your central heating pump is functioning properly and safely. Completing professional repairs may also remove some of the noises caused by your central heating pump, though some sounds are a part of normal operation.

You can prepare for any issues with your central heating pump by setting up a regular maintenance schedule. Regular service can keep your central heating pump functioning properly and it can provide you with forewarning about parts that might be wearing out before they break down and start causing strange noises.

Get Help with Central Heating Pump Repairs in Nevada

Your central heating pump might be making noise as a part of normal operations, or it could be indicative that your heating system is breaking down. You can get help assessing the causes of the noise with Ambient Edge. Let our techs figure out what’s going on and work on repairing your central heating pump. We offer a 100% guarantee on our work, so fill out our online contact form, or call

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