4 Benefits of a Variable Speed Air Handler


4 Benefits of a Variable Speed Air Handler

An air handler is an integral part of your HVAC system that circulates air throughout the home. Unlike conventional air conditioner motors, variable speed air handlers run at multiple speeds to better control your home’s heating and cooling, which is great news for Bullhead City, Arizona, residents looking for better comfort control year-round.

Here are just a few benefits of a variable speed air handler.

Improved Air Quality

The fan of a variable speed air handler is designed to constantly move, which is great for indoor air quality. When the air inside your home is always running through the system, moisture and air particles get trapped by the dehumidifier and air filter, making the air inside your home more breathable.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Since the air handler’s fan constantly moves at variable speeds, usually at the lowest levels, you don’t have to keep turning the fan on and off so the system can keep up with your desired comfort levels. Naturally, this saves money because the system isn’t having to waste energy restarting multiple times throughout the day.

Quieter Operation

A variable speed air handler is quieter than conventional single-speed air handlers because it runs continuously at lower speeds. The only time it gets loud is when it turns off or on and when it’s running on high. Since the air handler can continue to operate at a reasonable speed without being turned off or on, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Ideal For Zoned Systems

If you’ve thought about zoning your home with multiple thermostats, a variable speed air handler is a great option to include in the new system. It’s perfect for delivering the right amount of air where you want it most, so it can keep up with a zoned system better than a conventional air handler.

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