Adjusting Your Thermostat for Spring


Adjusting Your Thermostat for Spring

As warm weather descends on the Laughlin, Nevada, area, you’ll find it’s time to abandon the cooler comforts of winter and turn to the assistance of your air conditioner for the spring and summer months. Make sure you’re getting the most efficient performance possible from your HVAC system by adjusting the settings mindfully for the hot weather ahead.

Adjust Your Base Temperature

In warm weather months, you want your home’s base temperature to be as warm as you can comfortably manage. You may have a go-to temperature that you use out of habit. Challenge yourself to see if you can maintain the same comfort levels with the thermostat a few degrees higher. Bump up the temperature one degree each day until you find your highest comfortable setting.

Warm Up the Home When You’re Away

When you’re out of the house for a long period, you can save money by turning your air conditioning down. Set the thermostat 10 to 15 degrees warmer when you’re gone for the day. Try turning up the temperature at night as well. With lightweight bedding and minimal activity happening in the house, you may find that you can rest comfortably in a warmer home.

Switch Your Fan Settings

Make sure your fans are set to rotate counterclockwise in warm weather. This pushes air downward and creates a refreshing wind chill effect. With a ceiling fan on, you may find that you can set the thermostat higher and stay perfectly comfortable. The fan’s cooling effect only works on people who are physically in the room to experience it, though. Fans don’t really lower the temperature in your home; they only impact the way you perceive it. So save energy by turning fans off when you leave the room.

Are you struggling to maintain home comfort? If your HVAC system isn’t delivering the temperatures that you’re requesting, it’s time for a quick maintenance visit to make sure everything is in working order. Contact Ambient Edge at 702-723-4704 to get your cooling systems in top shape.

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