How a Heat Pump Cools Your Home


How a Heat Pump Cools Your Home

Heat pumps have a misleading name. You may think they’re only designed to make your home warmer, but these devices actually do double duty, offering both heating and cooling for year-round comfort. Heat pumps actually offer an efficient way to battle the Henderson, Nevada, summer heat. Here’s how our Lennox heat pumps’ capabilities work for cooling your home.

The Science Behind Heat Pumps

Heat pumps move warm air from one place to another. Although you can’t detect it yourself, warmth is present in all air, even when it feels cold. When it’s warm outside and you want to keep your house cool, the pump will pull the heat from your indoor air and send it outdoors, keeping things as cool as possible inside. In winter, the system operates in the opposite manner. It takes heat from the cold air outside and pushes it indoors for a warming effect in your home.

Why Heat Pumps Are More Efficient

Heat pumps

don’t generate warmth as other systems do. They simply make efficient use of the heat that’s always naturally present in the air. Heat pumps run on electricity, rather than gas as another system might, further increasing their energy efficiency.

Making Your Heat Pump More Effective

Heat pumps work best in warm or moderately cool temperatures. They’re less effective when they’re battling extreme cold, which makes them an ideal choice for Nevada homes, where winters are mild. To keep your heat pump operating at peak efficiency, you should schedule regular maintenance visits. Heat pumps operate best when they’re maintained like other heating and cooling systems, receiving a tune-up once a year.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to keep your home cool this summer, consider installing a heat pump to supplement or replace your air conditioner. This is an effective way to keep your home comfortable while ensuring your cooling costs stay low. Contact Ambient Edge at 702-723-4704 to start exploring your options for better cooling your home with this technology.

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