When a company offers a customer an extended warranty, the customer may hem and haw over it. Thoughts like “I might kick myself if I don’t get it” compete with “what if the system never breaks down, and I wasted all that money?” While many extended warranties can be confusing (some of which, intentionally) HVAC warranties are typically straightforward.

And with Ambient Edge, you never have to worry about hidden fees. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and we can’t provide that if you’re not happy because of something in our contract. If you’re looking to repair or replace your system, give us a call at 888-628-5890 or drop us a line via our contact form. We offer both flexible hours and emergency service so we’re there when you need us.

Types of Warranties

In addition to the extended warranty, there are two other kinds of warranties out there: the manufacturer warranty and the installation warranty. It’s important to know what each warranty covers so that you can determine which one you would prefer to sign up for.

Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are available for any part of an HVAC system you can think of, from air conditioners to furnaces. Unlike an extended warranty for a car, for which you usually receive a letter in the mail, HVAC extended warranties are available the moment you confirm your purchase.

But do you actually need an extended warranty? The truth is, with an HVAC system, as long as you’re willing to invest the money up front in a good brand, installed by a good contractor, then you probably do not need the extended warranty. HVAC equipment is pretty solid, so the odds of the equipment failing before the standard 10-year warranty is up are pretty low.

Manufacturer Warranty

The manufacturer warranty is the warranty that comes with the equipment, straight from the manufacturer. (This is that typical 10-year warranty discussed earlier.)

Normally, if you register the product, you receive a longer warranty than if you don’t. No matter what, you receive the manufacturer warranty – it just depends on what you choose to do insofar as how long it lasts.

Installation Warranty

The installation warranty is where a company like Ambient Edge comes in. This is the warranty the installer offers to cover any potential issues with the installation. After all, we’re all human, and we can make mistakes. We do not want our customers to have to pay out-of-pocket for a mistake we made, which is why we offer an installation warranty on all our HVAC products.

When to Agree to an Extended Warranty

There are some situations wherein an extended warranty is a good idea. For instance, if you know that repairing or replacing your HVAC system could cause you serious financial strife, then it is wise to invest in an extended warranty. Even if you never need it, it is certainly better than worrying about having to put a large repair or replacement cost on a credit card.

It’s also a good idea to purchase an extended warranty if you know you are going to be putting your system through the wringer. If, for instance, you live in Boulder City, Nevada, and you’re going to be using your air conditioner a lot, then you may want to consider an extended warranty because your air conditioner may break down sooner than your furnace will.

When an Extended Warranty Is a Waste

If you have an HVAC system for 10 years or more, then you are starting to dip into the time during which your extended warranty runs. However, if your system is falling apart, or if it has endured several repairs in the past, then you may not want to repair the unit; you may decide instead to just replace it.

If you think this situation sounds like a likely one, then it may actually be a waste of money to purchase an extended warranty. When you’re considering what to do, think about the likelihood of your HVAC system being in ship-shape in 10 years. Is it really worth laying out the extra money now, or just saving up to replace the system when the time comes.

Need a New HVAC System Installed? Ambient Edge Is Here for You!

If you opted out of purchasing an extended warranty 10 years ago, and now your HVAC system needs to be replaced, Ambient Edge can help. We perform a careful analysis before every installation to determine just how much energy your home requires so that we can size your new system appropriately.

You can also sign up for a preventive maintenance contract, wherein we check on your system throughout the year to make sure it’s running as it should, which prolongs its life and saves you money. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 888-628-5890 to make an appointment. We’ll never try to talk you into anything you don’t want to do, so if you need a repair or replacement, call now!

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