As the owner of a restaurant, you know that each of the large machines that help you run your kitchen qualified for a warranty when you first purchased them. But if you fail to properly maintain your restaurant equipment, do you then effectively void that warranty?

The short answer is, it depends. Warranties vary based on the product involved and what they cover. If you discover your warranty is, in fact, void due to a lack of maintenance, and your equipment breaks down, our technicians at Ambient Edge can help. We can install a new system of restaurant equipment that could end up saving you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the machine. Give us a call at 888-230-8941, and let’s get started!

Why Routine Maintenance Is Important

Many who work in the restaurant business prefer to wait until something breaks before they schedule a service call, rather than sign up for preventative maintenance. They believe this approach saves them money, and while it may do so in the short-term, it ends up costing them in the long run. This is because, without regular maintenance, small problems that a repairman could have otherwise fixed turn into larger issues. And larger issues lead to breakdowns.

Not only does a breakdown result in lost profits for your business, but you could also be forking over thousands of dollars to replace a machine years before its prime. Most appliances are made to last for around 10 years. Without routine maintenance, you could easily end up replacing these machines in about half that time.

Avoiding a Void

So, what do you need to do to make sure you don’t void your restaurant equipment warranty? Well, hiring a licensed technician to make a bi-annual visit to your business is a great first step. This way, if duty calls and you forget to perform the maintenance yourself, no worries – you have already hired a company to do the worrying for you.

Second, make sure you read, carefully and thoroughly, the manufacturer’s specifications with regard to routine maintenance. Some machines require not only a routine professional check-up, but also that you and your staff do your part between service calls to keep the machine running efficiently.

For instance, many kitchen ventilation systems require a regular wipe-down of the outside of the vents to prevent grease build-ups that could cause a fire, as well as the unsightly appearance of a dirty vent. While this may be something you may think you can get away with not doing as often, it’s important to be diligent. This way, you can say you’ve done everything possible on your part to keep your warranty, and you can fight it if the warranty company tries to void it.

Improper Installation

Sometimes you can do everything right when it comes to maintenance and yet still void your warranty. How? An improper installation.

When you hire a company like Ambient Edge to install your restaurant equipment, you never have to worry about an improper installation voiding your warranty. We make sure we follow the manufacturer’s specifications to the letter.

Some warranties require a company to complete and return certain paperwork once the installation is complete. Items included in this paperwork typically concern the installations of things like ventilation and water pressure, as well as ensuring that the installation company has correctly connected everything electrically.

At Ambient Edge, we never want you to experience a voided warranty for something that could have otherwise been avoided. We will go over your warranty carefully to double-check that we have completed everything in accordance with its specifications, and we will submit proof of this installation to the warranty company in a timely manner.

If Your Equipment Breaks Down, Ambient Edge Can Help

There’s nothing worse for a restaurant than for its equipment to fail – and it’s always during the busiest time of the day. That’s why, here at Ambient Edge, we’re available whenever you need us, providing emergency service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only that, but we also provide our customers with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee on all our parts and services.

Fill out our contact form if you’d like to schedule a service call, or, in the event of an emergency, you can call us at 888-230-8941. We’re also here to help answer any questions you may have about your warranty, as well as provide suggestions on what to do to avoid inadvertently voiding it. If you think improper maintenance may have already voided your warranty, don’t panic – we may still be able to help, so call now!

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