You count on your furnace and heating system to keep you warm throughout the colder months in Spring Valley, NV. Unfortunately, furnaces and heaters sometimes fail unexpectedly, leaving you to deal with dropping temperatures that can become uncomfortable or even dangerous quickly. If the temperatures are low and you don’t have a functional heater or furnace, you may be facing an emergency.

Here at Ambient Edge, we believe that you deserve immediate help if you are facing a heating emergency. As a 24-hour emergency heating and furnace repair company in Spring Valley, NV, we can provide you with professional help when you need it most. Complete our online contact form or call us at 888-628-5890 to get the help you need right now.

What Are Some Examples of Heating or Furnace Emergencies?

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell if you’re experiencing a furnace or heating emergencies. If your heating system stops working completely, it’s a good sign that you’re facing an emergency situation, especially if the cooler nighttime hours are approaching.

However, you may also be dealing with a heating or furnace emergency if:

  • Your Heater Works – But Only Offers Cold Air. Heating systems and furnaces sometimes retain a small level of functionality even in emergency situations. Still, if you are not getting the heat you need to keep your home warm, you need to get help as quickly as possible
  • You Smell Something Strange or Hear Strange Noises. Your heater may be working relatively well and still be in need of emergency repairs here in Spring Valley. Furnaces or heating systems that begin making strange sounds or emitting a strange smell may need immediate service. You should get professional help, especially if you smell something burning

Can You Fix Your Heater or Furnace on Your Own?

Furnace and heating emergencies usually require a professional touch. However, there are some issues that you may be able to resolve quickly and easily on your own. See if these easy fixes get your heater or furnace working again:

  • Ensure Your Thermostat Has Good Batteries
  • Make Sure the Unit is Getting Power
  • Check the Circuit Box for Tripped Circuits

You can check your pilot light if you have a gas heating system. Sometimes the issue is as simple as making sure the thermostat is set to heat, not “AC” or even “fan.” These quick fixes may be enough to get your heating system or furnace functioning again.

Are Emergency Furnace or Heating Repairs Expensive in Spring Valley?

Many property owners in Spring Valley assume all emergency furnace and heating repairs will be expensive. In fact, some repairs can be completed quickly and easily without costing you very much at all. The prices of more complex repairs may need to factor in costs for parts and in-depth labor.

You may also discover that you need a new heater or furnace in some emergency situations. The price of a new system may increase the costs of your emergency repairs.

Due to the large number of furnace and heating emergencies that you can face, price estimates typically require an in-person visit from a trained heating system and furnace repair professional.

Who Should You Trust to Repair Your Furnace or Heating System?

Ensuring that your heating system or furnace is quickly repaired in an emergency is very important. However, you also want to work with repair professionals you can trust. Technicians who have earned a NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification can provide you with the service you can trust.

You also need to focus on getting help from a company that offers around the clock emergency service. You can freeze if your heater is out through the night in the winter here in Spring Valley. You also need immediate help if your furnace or heater smells like it’s burning.

Make sure you work with a company that offers you:

  • Up-Front Flat-Price Estimates on Repairs
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • A Promise to Wait for Your Approval Before Beginning Work

You can get your furnace or heating system operational again quickly with professional help. Take the stress out of the emergency repairs by getting the help you need today.

Call a 24 Hour Emergency Heating and Furnace Repair Company in Spring Valley Now

You don’t have to wait for business hours to get help if your furnace or heating system malfunctions. The professionals at Ambient Edge are here to offer you the professional service you need any time of day. Let us resolve your emergency right now. You can reach us by calling 888-628-5890. NATE certified technicians can start working on your repairs immediately.

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