Every Las Vegas home needs air conditioning but installing an AC unit is not an easy task. Air conditioners require ductwork, expert training and, in many cases, the safe removal of the old unit. Professional installation is a way to save time and ultimately money—and make your home comfortable. Don’t face installing a new unit without a professional on your side. You need a good Las Vegas AC installation company.
Ambient Edge is here to help. We have a 15-year history of quality AC installs throughout our service area and that experience makes us a vital partner here in the Las Vegas area. We make the process hassle-free and continue to get top ratings from our customers. Here’s how we handle your AC installation:

  • Customized accurate estimates that include everything—with no hidden fees
  • Easy, flexible scheduling to match your schedule
  • FREE comprehensive estimates

We also work with the top brands in air conditioning, offering new units with superior performance and excellent energy ratings, at affordable prices. Let us help you with your installation. Call 702-928-7201 or fill out the form to the right and talk to an expert today.

What do I need to know about the AC installation process?

Many homeowners want to know if air conditioner installation can be a DIY project. While it’s possible to install an air conditioner on your own, it’s more than just a big job—it’s one that can have an effect on performance and your unit’s lifespan. This is because the location, configuration and installation of your air conditioner all affect how hard it has to work—and how likely it is to wear out. Even experienced handymen don’t always have the background to do a good install job, and the best professional AC installation companies rely only on those with NATE certification and training.
When you contact us about AC installation, we’ll start by sending one of our comfort specialists out to your home. The next steps will depend on the kind of AC unit you’re considering—either central AC or a ductless air conditioner. Here’s what we look at for each one:

  • Central AC provides a cool climate throughout the entire home and relies on a network of ducts to do so. Our technical specialist will assess the best place to install the compressor (the outside unit), the indoor cabinet, and any ducts, registers or vents that are needed. This helps keep energy costs low and lifespan long. If you already have ductwork in your house, we can work with that and tell you if it needs any repairs or adjustments.
  • Ductless AC is usually used for a single room or a smaller space. We will evaluate the best place in the room to place the air handlers and the condenser. This maximizes the cooling effect you get from your unit and improves energy efficiency.

Based on this initial visit where we measure your home, perform load calculations, and evaluate all your needs, we can give you a comprehensive estimate on your installation.

When is the best time to get a new AC system in Las Vegas?

If you need AC, there’s no wrong time to get it—especially in the Las Vegas heat. However, homeowners can save money and headache by planning their AC purchase before they need it. Many homeowners don’t think about buying a new system until the old one breaks down, usually in the heat of summer. That tends to make the AC replacement process much more stressful, and potentially more costly.
Instead, we recommend evaluating your AC’s performance during the cool season and buying your new AC unit then. This has major benefits:

  • No time pressure because you don’t need your AC every day
  • Many air conditioning units are on sale during off-seasons
  • You can schedule your installation whenever it’s most convenient for you, instead of rushing to get it done

Our AC experts will help you no matter when you need us—whether it’s the middle of winter or a blistering 110 degrees outside. We will sit down with you, review rebates to save you money, and help you identify the unit that gets you the biggest energy savings.

How long does AC installation typically take?

The amount of time will depend on the kind of system being installed and the condition of the existing ductwork in your home. Here’s what our team will do:

  1. Remove the old AC system
  2. Repair or replace ductwork where needed
  3. Install the new system and test its performance

Each home is unique and here at Ambient Edge, we make sure that you know up front expected timelines for the installation process. Direct replacements can range anywhere from 4 hours up to 10 depending on the system, and we also factor in additional add-ons and or tasks needed to do a quality professional installation. If there are any unexpected issues that will affect your installation time, we’ll let you know as soon as they come up.
Our job, is to keep you informed of what to expect at every stage of your system installation. Your comfort specialist will be available to answer any questions and be a direct point of contact for any questions or concerns.

How much does AC installation cost in Las Vegas?

Installation prices vary because it depends on the exact AC system you’re choosing and the ductwork in your home. This is why we always start by getting you an up-front estimate, which allows you to make an informed choice.
At Ambient Edge, our installation estimates include:

  • Installation of the unit itself
  • Any ductwork that is needed
  • One year of service and maintenance for your AC system
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are buying your AC system direct from us, we will roll all of these costs into a single comprehensive estimate. We want you to see the entire cost up front so there are NO hidden fees. We can also answer any questions about energy savings and rebates that could save you even more.
Give us a call. We can help you price out your AC install—and give you a FREE no-obligation estimate.

Talk to a Las Vegas Air Conditioning Service Expert

Air conditioning is more than a luxury in Las Vegas. It’s a necessity. You deserve to have top-performing, affordable AC in your home, without any surprises. Let Ambient Edge help you. We can get you the best price, do the work right, and make sure you know exactly what to expect before we start—so that you’re in control through the entire process. Let us give you a free estimate. Call us at 702-928-7201 or fill out the form to your right and speak with one of our comfort consultants today.

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