The temperatures in Spring Valley, NV can soar throughout most of the year. You can end up sweltering at home if your air conditioner breaks down, leaving you with no chance of keeping your property cool. Many times, air conditioners even break down without warning.

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What Causes Air Conditioners to Break Down?

Air conditioners are complicated machines. Many of them are designed to work tirelessly, but the heat in Nevada can be a challenge for any AC unit. Sometimes they break down as they age. Other air conditioners break because they can’t take the strain. Some may have a factory defect or an issue with a part.

The most common issues that cause air conditioner breakdowns include:

  • Motor or Electrical Issues with the Compressor
  • Problems with the Evaporator Fan or the Condenser Fan
  • Leaks in the Refrigerant System

You may also experience air conditioner issues caused by:

  • A Glitching Thermostat
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils
  • Leaky Air Ducts
  • A Clogged Drain Line

The belts in your air condition can wear out, causing a break down. Bearings may also eventually give out, necessitating repairs.

Do All Types of Air Conditioners Break Down?

Unfortunately, any air condition can break down in the right circumstances. Your air condition repair needs may vary, depending on the type of air conditioning system in your home. You may find that you need:

  • Central Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Mini-Split Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Window Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Portable Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Hybrid Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Geothermal Cooling Repairs

Each type of air conditioner will come with unique repair requirements. You may be able to continue keeping your home cool if a window unit or a portable air conditioner breaks down. However, breakdowns in these smaller systems can still be inconvenient for you in the long run.

What Does Air Conditioner Repair Involve?

The air conditioner repair process in Spring Valley, NV can vary, depending on the type of air conditioner system you have and the cause of the damage to your system. Sometimes, an air conditioner repair can be as simple as resetting a circuit breaker.

More complicated repairs can include:

  • Repairing Faulty Wiring
  • Replacing Fan Belts or the Fan Motor
  • Replacing Refrigerant Tubing
  • Repairing or Replacing the Compressor
  • Unclogging the Condensate Drain

You should be aware that a single defective component can prevent your air conditioner from operating. Temperatures in Spring Valley climb quickly without an air condition to control them, which will generally allow you to notice any problems with your AC unit quickly.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner in Spring Valley?

Sometimes, you can resolve the issues with your air conditioner through repairs. If you only need a fan belt or a motor replaced, repairs can quickly get your air conditioner pumping out cool air again. However, you may want to consider replacing your AC unit completely in some circumstances.

Your exact situation will determine whether a replacement air conditioner is right for you. Generally, it may be a good idea to look for a new AC unit if your AC is over 10 years old and it has experienced multiple break-downs.

Buying a new AC unit may be cheaper than repairing your existing unit in some cases, especially if it will lower your utility costs in the long run. Many newer AC units are designed to use less electricity, which can reduce your bills. Additionally, properly functioning AC units don’t draw as much power.

Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Help Prevent Breakdowns?

Some air conditioner breakdowns in Spring Valley are unavoidable. However, keeping your air conditioner properly maintained may help your AC last longer and run better. You can maintain your AC by:

  • Regularly Replacing Your Air Filter
  • Assessing the Condition of Your Fan Blade
  • Keeping the Outside of the Unit Clear of Debris

Your unit may function better without weeds, scrubs, or plants growing onto it. Make sure to keep it cleared off and you may be able to prevent some air conditioner breakdowns.

Get Help from a Spring Valley Air Conditioning Repair Company

You can get professional service with all of your air conditioner repair needs by contacting Ambient Edge. Our techs are ready to handle complicated air conditioner repairs to get the cold air flowing for you again in Spring Valley. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work, so contact us today.

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