Laughlin residents aren’t strangers to desert heat. But, having air conditioning at home or work makes those hot days much more bearable. If your air conditioning has ever conked out on you in the middle of July, you know just how uncomfortable not having AC can be. You can often prevent these disasters by getting regular maintenance on your AC system. An AC service company in Laughlin can keep you feeling cool even in the hottest months of the year.

If it’s been more than six months since you’ve had your AC checked, it’s time for a tune-up—and Ambient Edge is here for you. Ambient Edge has been helping Laughlin residents keep their cool for over 15 years. Our team is top-rated and NATE-certified. We offer a range of services to keep your AC running smoothly, including:

  • AC tune-ups
  • Regular maintenance and service plans
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • AC optimization to reduce energy costs and encourage higher performance
  • Duct cleaning and sealing

Most issues that cause AC breakdowns can be prevented. And service plans are much more cost-effective than getting an emergency repair.

At Ambient Edge, we go beyond other AC repair companies. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee—and you’ll love your no-hassle experience. Call Ambient Edge at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to the right and get AC service you can trust.

How do your AC service & maintenance packages work in Laughlin?

We offer comprehensive AC tune-ups as part an affordable service plan. We offer several packages depending on your needs. All of our maintenance plans include:

  • A 26- or 37-point inspection. Our tune-up process examines vital components of your AC system and checks for potential problem areas, before they cause a major breakdown. As part of this service, we will test the refrigerant charge, inspect the electrical systems, lubricate bearings and motors, and examine ductwork for leaks.
  • Clean vital parts and pieces. Dirt and dust can wreak havoc on an AC system. You would be surprised how helpful a thorough cleaning can be. As dirt and grime build up in your AC unit, it becomes less efficient and takes more energy to run. That means that not only does it not run as well, it actually uses more energy to run worse! A good cleaning can keep your system running efficiently.
  • Make adjustments for performance. Efficiency is vital when it comes to AC units. Air conditioning units can suck up a lot of energy—but they take a lot less when they’re running right. Our team can examine performance and make adjustments to make your unit perform even better.

The professionals at Ambient Edge can usually do all of the regular maintenance you need for a 6-month period in just one visit.

Why is my AC blowing hot air?

Your air conditioning unit should never blow hot air. That is a sign that something is wrong. It’s a good idea to shut the unit down until our Laughlin AC service team can address the problem. Running your AC while it’s experiencing this type of issue could damage your system even further, resulting in more costly repairs.

The cause of the hot air could be something minor, or it could be something serious. For example, hot air often means that you have a problem with the compressor (the outside unit), or your AC needs more refrigerant added. You need a professional to address both of these potential problems.

Inexperienced homeowners should never open the compressor—you could do more harm than good trying to do a DIY fix. And, if you are low on refrigerant, a professional will be able to check for leaks and determine why your air conditioner is low in the first place.

There are also some other more minor reasons that your unit may be blowing hot air. These can include:

  • Leaking ductwork
  • Problems with the settings or communication between the unit and the thermostat
  • Issues with circuit breakers
  • Dirt in the compressor, dirty filters or interior dirt and grime build up

We can address most of these issues before they cause problems in our regular maintenance service. Remember, prevention is the key to avoiding these hot and sticky situations.

How often should my AC air filter be changed?

How often you change your filter will vary depending on the size and needs of your home. It will also depend on the kind of filter you use. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to set a goal to change the air filter once per month. If you have permanent, washable filters, you should take the time to wash those every month as well.

If you use more expensive polyester filters, they’ll often last longer than the “standard” fiberglass ones. You can expect to change polyester filters every three to six months.

However, some people need to change filters more often than others. You should change yours more often if:

  • You have more than two people in your household
  • You have pets
  • Anyone smokes inside
  • You or anyone in your home suffer from allergies

As part of your regular maintenance package, our team will replace your filter for you. This is part of our no-hassle service and helps keep your AC working at peak efficiency.

Talk to a Laughlin Air Conditioning Service Expert

Regular maintenance for your air conditioning is a must in Nevada. You do not want to be caught in the heat without crisp, refreshing AC. At Ambient Edge, we can help you keep your home the perfect temperature—even in the dog days of summer. And our AC tune-ups will help keep your cooling costs to a minimum.

We put your comfort first. Our team provides the professional, prompt service that you need. Call us at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to your right and speak with one of our service experts today.

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