If you’re looking to beat the hot summers in Laughlin, it might seem like having central AC is all you need. But the truth is, many homeowners in Laughlin lose most of their cool air due to poor insulation. That can lead to staggering energy costs, “warm spots” in the home, or both. If you’ve struggled with either of these issues, adding insulation installation to your AC installation may be a good idea. That’s where Ambient Edge comes in.

At Ambient Edge, we don’t just offer energy-efficient AC and heating systems. We also offer comprehensive insulation installation in Laughlin as part of our installation packages. We can also offer an energy audit to help you determine if new insulation is a good choice for you. New insulation means saving money on utility bills.

You shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in your own home—or watch the money you pay for heating and cooling leak out of your home. Ambient Edge puts your comfort first. Call 702-723-4704 to get the top-rated insulation installation service you need to keep your home cozy at a reasonable price.

How does insulation save me money?

Insulation saves you money year-round, both on your air conditioning costs and heating costs.

It’s no secret that air conditioning energy costs can run high in Laughlin, but much of that cost can be eliminated if your home is properly sealed and insulated. Insulation has a double effect: reducing how much the summer heat warms your home and keeping the coolness of air conditioning inside,

Likewise, an efficient heater can keep a home cozy without wasting energy for years, especially if provided with regular maintenance. But even the most efficient heater will have to work hard if its house lacks proper installation. Insulation traps heat, which means heaters and furnaces turn on fewer times and for shorter periods, preventing the need for costly repairs and keeping your heating system running at its best for years. And insulation that has been installed well throughout a home will prevent cold spots that cause discomfort and costly energy loss.

You may need new insulation if:

  • You’re paying more on energy bills.
  • You notice big changes in temperature in your home.
  • You’re experiencing cold or hot spots in certain rooms.
  • You notice unwanted critters are finding their way into your home.
  • Your house is experiencing significant or damaging water leaks from the roof.

Not sure? Let us get you answers. We can send out a comfort specialist to your home to do a home energy audit. This audit helps us find the places where heat or cooling is lost and need insulation. After completing this audit, our comfort specialist will send you a full assessment of your current energy efficiency, areas that are worth addressing, and a recommendation about your insulation needs. We can add insulation as part of any heating or AC installation process.

At Ambient Edge, we want to take the hassle out of heating and cooling. That’s why we give comprehensive estimates with NO hidden fees. Unless something truly surprising comes up, your final bill for the installation will look very close to the original estimate from our comfort specialist.

What type of insulation do I need?

It depends on the space that’s being insulated. If your installing insulation in your attic, you will probably want some kind of blown-in cellulose or fiberglass insulation. Blown in insulation is literally blown in through a hose to the depth required by local building codes. Cellulose is often made from recycled newspaper treated to be fire resistant, while fiberglass is naturally fire resistant.

However, if your home doesn’t already have exterior insulation or needs its exterior insulation replaced, you will probably need fiberglass batt insulation. Batt insulation forms a loose blanket of fiberglass between the exterior walls and the studs that frame the house.

Wall sheathing is also often required for foundation walls. Wall sheathing is a kind of rigid insulation that adds thermal resistance to the foundation’s walls, which helps prevent too much heat or cold from entering the house.

Does my house need insulation in the summer?

Yes! It may surprise you to know that insulation actually helps keep your house cool in the summer too. When the summer sun heats the external walls and roof of your home, insulation helps keep that heat out of the interior spaces. Houses without adequate insulation often feel suffocating as the heat from the attic acts as a large space heater, forcing air conditioners to work very hard to keep the house cool. And old or improperly installed insulation can leak cold air outside, causing uncomfortable and costly hot spots to pop up around your home.

Energy efficient insulation saves you money on air conditioning and keeps your AC in top shape for years. Those little monthly savings on energy bills and prevented repairs add up to huge savings over the decades of comfort your insulation brings.

Do you install installation in businesses?

Yes, we can handle the insulation for any space where we are installing heating, cooling or HVAC systems—whether it is residential or commercial.

We see this most commonly in:

  • Large residential developments such as apartment buildings and condominiums
  • Spaces where comfort is important, such as clinics and hotels
  • Anywhere where heating and cooling costs could become pricy and are worth controlling

Insulation saves your business money. Avoid unpleasant draughts, cold spots, and oppressive summer heat with energy efficient insulation installed by industry experts. Give us a call and talk to us about adding Laughlin’s top-rated insulation service to your HVAC installation.

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Your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation. Don’t let poor insulation cost you money or peace of mind—get the insulation and energy savings you deserve. Call 702-723-4704 to talk to one of our insulation installation experts and schedule your energy efficiency audit today.

Please note: This service is only offered as an add-on with HVAC installations.

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