In the middle of winter, a sudden loss of heat can be frightening. Winter days in Lake Havasu can get chilly, and the nights can get downright cold. Our dry desert air chills quickly once the sun goes down, and in the middle of January can even plummet below zero. When that happens, a furnace breakdown isn’t just inconvenient—it’s a heating emergency. You shouldn’t have to wait until regular business hours to get expert repairs. That’s why Ambient Edge offers the same expert service no matter what time disaster strikes.

Ambient Edge offers:

  • On-call, NATE-certified professionals who arrive FAST
  • Rapid and reliable furnace repairs
  • 24/7 live over-the-phone assistance
  • All work backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Ambient Edge is your local source for fast and effective 24-hour emergency heating and furnace repair services in Lake Havasu. No one knows heaters better than we do. We only work with expert technical specialists with years of training and experience in the field. But we’re not just experts—we’re fast experts. We arrive rapidly and on-time, and can often finish all necessary repairs in one brief service call. We arrive within hours of your call, no matter when you call. Call 928-263-8698 to get the top-rated emergency heating repair service you need to stay warm in the winter.

What 24-hour services do you offer in Lake Havasu?

We built our business around saving our customers time and money. In finding ways to do this, we noticed that most repair companies don’t have the resources to staff their after-hours emergency services with industry experts. But at Ambient Edge, we only work with experienced technical specialists who have years of experience fixing furnaces just like yours. That’s how we can offer the top-rated service we’re known every hour of every day.

Give us a call if:

  • Your heat won’t turn on or doesn’t heat enough
  • Your house isn’t heating evenly
  • Cold air is coming from your vents
  • Unusual noises are coming from your furnace or vents
  • Your furnace turns off every 15 minutes or so
  • Your thermostat is malfunctioning
  • You notice a burning smell from heat ducts

Don’t hesitate to call if you’re experiencing any other heating issue. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose any heating issue and provide you with the most reliable solutions—all within your budget, and all backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What if I’m not sure my problem is an emergency?

Not every heating issue requires urgent repairs, but it can be hard to tell the difference. In our opinion, your comfort is often a good indication. If you are cold in your own home, and you need it fixed fast, we’re ready to deploy our technical specialists right away. But if you would rather schedule a service call at a more convenient time, we’re happy to find the best time for you.

However, there are a few signs that point to the need for urgent repairs. In general, it’s a good idea to get fast professional assistance if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • Your furnace is on but is making cold air. This is often a sign that a burner or heating element is broken. This isn’t just a temporary problem. It can cause the rest of the unit to work much harder to heat your home, which can cause major problems and lead to costly repairs. The sooner the heating element is fixed, the less it will cost to repair.
  • You notice loud or strange noises from your furnace. Modern furnaces are designed to operate quietly, with as little noise as possible. Loud banging, screeching, or thumping noises are a sign of a failed component or faulty air ducts. These problems can quickly lead to larger problems if left without repair.
  • Your furnace won’t turn on. Total loss of heat isn’t just inconvenient—it’s a problem that can lead to damage to your home and possibly even health issues. Don’t suffer through a cold night. Ambient Edge can get your heat fixed in next to no time.

Some problems are too big or costly to be repaired. When that happens, Ambient Edge offers comprehensive installation services for new heating systems. Our technicians will work with you to find an appropriate replacement unit that fits your needs and your budget. And when you buy your new furnace unit from Ambient Edge, we’ll throw in your installation estimate for FREE.

How fast can Ambient Edge be at my home?

FAST! At Ambient Edge, we believe no one deserves to spend a cold night waiting for repairs. That’s why we provide the same expert service at night that has made us the leading furnace repair company in Lake Havasu. Our experienced and highly-trained technical specialists are able to get your heating back within one quick service call, and often before other repair companies could get to the scene.

How are we so fast?

  • We’re local. Ambient Edge is a local company with a 15-year record of quality service in the Lake Havasu area. We have field offices fully staffed with trained technicians throughout the area. And our technicians keep most necessary parts on hand, which means they can often complete all repairs within one brief service call.
  • We’re experts. Our technicians are NATE-certified and have years of industry experience. They have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose heating issues and fix them fast. No matter the time, you’ll always get an expert from us.
  • We’re on-time. Your time is valuable, which is why we keep expert technicians on call and ready to deploy whenever you need them. We arrive within hours of your call and work efficiently to find and fix the problem. Often, we can complete all necessary repairs before the competition could have arrived.

Don’t settle for less than the best during a heating emergency. Our expert technical specialists are always available to offer you advice and reliable repairs. Call Ambient Edge to get the knowledge and expertise you need in an emergency.

Talk to a Lake Havasu 24-Hour Emergency Heating Repair Expert

The winter cold doesn’t wait for regular business hours. Why should you? Get the expert furnace repairs you need, when you need them. Call Ambient Edge for the best in 24-hour emergency heating repairs. Our highly-trained and experienced technical specialists are always ready to offer their expertise. Call 928-263-8698 to talk to an emergency heating and furnace repair specialist today.


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