Are you ready for winter? When summer temps climb in Lake Havasu, we often forget just how cold it can get in winter. But our dry desert air can drop low once January rolls around… sometimes even below freezing. When the temperature drops, you need a heater that works hard to keep your home warm and a team of experts who work hard to keep that heater running at its best. You need the team at Ambient Edge.

Ambient Edge offers:

  • Repairs on all heating systems and furnaces
  • NATE-certified expert technicians
  • Flat-rate pricing with NO hidden fees
  • 24/7 emergency repairs and live assistance
  • 100% guarantee on all jobs

Ambient Edge is your leading local provider of heating and furnace repair services in Lake Havasu. Our team of heating and furnace technicians are all NATE-certified. But we don’t stop there. We only work with industry experts who take part in ongoing training. That means they don’t just have experience working with past furnace models, they also have up-to-date knowledge on the most cutting edge equipment and local building codes. Their knowledge, expertise, and drive to save our customers money is how we keep up our 15-year record of top-rated service. No matter what heating problems you face, our team can get your furnace back on its feet in next to no time. Call 928-263-8698 today to get the 5-star heating repair service you deserve.

What heating services do you provide in Lake Havasu?

Name it! Our team of expert heating technicians provide comprehensive repair services on almost all heating systems and furnace models. From basic tune-ups to major repairs to full unit installations, we have you covered. Our technicians know your equipment inside out because they have years of experience working with similar heating systems in the area. If your home relies on a furnace or heating system to keep it cozy, our technicians know how to fix it.

In Lake Havasu we often service:

  • Gas and electric heating systems
  • Propane heating
  • Heat pumps

But that’s only the most common. If you are facing any problems with your heater, or if you think you’re facing a problem but aren’t sure, our heating repair experts are ready to help you diagnose the problem and find the best solutions within your budget. And all our work is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What should I do if my heat stops working?

Luckily, not every problem requires professional repairs. At Ambient Edge, we want to provide our customers with the knowledge and experience needed to save money and keep their homes cozy all year long. If your heating has stopped and you’re not sure of the cause, try these easy steps to bring back the heat. NOTE: If you ever smell gas, immediately turn off the gas to your home and call your local gas provider.

If your heat is out, we recommend:

  1. Checking power to your thermostat. This is an easy step to overlook, but if your thermostat is out of batteries, it may not be able to turn on your furnace. Make sure your thermostat has batteries and is turned to “on” and “heat.”
  2. Make sure you have power. A local power outage can be hard to notice during the day. Try turning on lights or other appliances to see if your house has power. If not, check your circuit breakers for a tripped circuit. If none of this solves the issue, you may need to call your local energy provider to ask about local power outages.
  3. For gas furnaces, check the gas line. The gas line can sometimes get closed during summer maintenance. If it is left closed, your furnace won’t be able to heat your home in winter. Follow the gas line from your furnace until you find the gas valve, then make sure it is turned to “on” or “open.”
  4. Check the pilot light. If the pilot light doesn’t start, your heater won’t be able to use the gas it receives to heat your home. Check to see if the pilot light isn’t lighting, then consult your furnace’s manual to safely light it again. If you still experience problems, call a professional heating expert for assistance.
  5. Open and clear all air vents and registers. If air vents are closed or blocked by furniture, they won’t allow warm air to pass through and heat your home. To ensure adequate heating to your home, make sure your air vents are open and clear of furniture and objects. As much as possible, keep windows and doors closed to trap heat indoors.

Of course, it’s never a bad idea to consult a heating professional whenever you have questions. That’s why we offer all our customers 24/7 over-the-phone assistance. In most cases, once you describe the symptoms of your heating problem our heating and furnace experts will be able to diagnose the issue and provide you with the best, most affordable solutions. No matter when a heating question arises, you can be sure Ambient Edge has your back.

How fast can you arrive if I have a heating emergency?

Very fast! When your heat goes out completely, you don’t have time to wait until morning for repairs. But in our search for opportunities to provide customers with the best in heating repair services, we noticed a gap in the industry. Most heating repair companies don’t have the resources to staff their overnight and emergency service calls with experts, and often use those service calls for training. Not Ambient Edge. We only work with technicians who are already seasoned industry experts, so you can be confident you’re always getting our best work.

If you have a heating emergency, we offer:

Heating emergencies don’t wait until business hours, so why should you? Don’t wait for expert service. Get the 5-star heating repair services you need, when you need them. Call Ambient Edge to get expert service today.

Talk to a Lake Havasu Heating and Furnace Repair Expert Today

No one deserves to spend a winter night without heating. At Ambient Edge, our goal is to make sure you never have to. Our team of NATE-certified heating and furnace repair experts work fast and effectively to keep your furnace running so you can keep your household comfy and cozy all year. And with our 15-year record of top-rated service, we’re happy to back all our work with a 100% guarantee. Call 928-263-8698 to speak with a heating and furnace repair expert today.


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