Your air duct system moves air throughout your house. When it isn’t working properly, it creates two big problems: wasted energy, and inaccurate temperature settings in key parts of your home. It also makes your furnace or air conditioning unit work harder, resulting not only in increased energy usage, but the risk of a costly breakdown. If you’re dealing with high energy bills or heating/AC “dead spots” in your home, it’s time to call Ambient Edge.

Ambient Edge is Kingman’s number one air duct cleaning, sealing and repair company. Our team of expert technicians can evaluate your existing duct system and identify cost-effective solutions. Sometimes the solution is as simple as patching a few holes, while other situations might involve improving circulation and coverage throughout the home. Our goal with every job is to give you the most savings with the least cost—and we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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What are the most common ductwork efficiency problems?

Any home can have a ductwork issue—and you can often tell if yours is one of them. Any time you notice one part of your house is much hotter or colder than other parts, there’s a high chance that your ducts are to blame. You may also detect musty odors or the smell of stale air in parts of your home—which can trigger flare-ups in allergies or asthma.

However, not all ductwork problems are the same. Here are the most common issues we see with ductwork in customers’ homes:

  1. Duct leakage. When air escapes your duct before it reaches its intended destination, that can make some parts of your home overly hot or cold while other rooms get very little air flow. This forces your furnace or air conditioning unit to work harder, longer. Thankfully, most duct leakage problems can be addressed with simple sealing solutions, but finding those leaks can be a challenge.
  2. Under-insulated ducts. Your ducts often have insulation to keep air from escaping. When insulation is not installed correctly or you are missing insulation, that forces your system to heat or cool the ductwork before it can heat or cool your room. You don’t get much use out of heating and cooling system if the air doesn’t ever reach the rooms of your home!
  3. Unbalanced airflow. Register locations can have a profound effect on how well your ducts function. When you don’t have the right balance, that creates inefficiencies. Moving registers can be a bigger project, but it may be worth it for some homeowners. In some cases, simply adding a few register or changing damper settings is enough to make a difference.
  4. Poorly designed duct systems. In some situations, your entire duct system may be created in a way that makes your air flow systems work much harder than they need to. Ambient Edge can suggest an alternative design that will minimize energy costs over time—and give you a comprehensive estimate.

Each of these issues can be addressed completely by the team at Ambient Edge. Our experts do thorough testing to determine where problems are located and take action to address the issue. We will work with you to develop the best solution to get the most return out of your investment in your home.

Why do I need to clean my air ducts?

Cleaning your air ducts simply helps them run better. That means that your heating and cooling system will not have work as hard to control the temperature in your home. That results in decreased energy costs and can help your equipment last longer.

When dust and debris build up in the ductwork, it can also decrease the overall air quality in your home. That means that those with allergies will suffer. You can even develop breathing problems if the issue becomes very bad. Family members with existing respiratory conditions will often find substantial relief once the ducts are cleaned.

How often should I clean my ducts?

Cleaning your ducts regularly will improve the air quality in your home. Most homeowners should plan on cleaning out their ducts every five to ten years. But you may want to do it more often if:

  • You have pets in your home
  • You have a large family
  • You have done home renovation recently
  • Anyone in your home has allergies or breathing conditions
  • Anyone smokes in the home

Ambient Edge offers a duct maintenance plan that includes regular servicing and cleaning—and makes it as cost-effective as possible. If you want to put cleaning your home’s air ducts on autopilot, using our routine maintenance program may be a great option for you.

How does air duct sealing work?

When your air ducts are sealed properly, your airflow system works better. Significant gaps and holes are easier to spot and address, but the smaller holes are more of a challenge. These holes can appear due to corrosion or because there are gaps between joints or in the connection to registers in your rooms. Even though these holes are small, they can add up in terms of energy efficiency problems. In fact, the average home loses between 30 and 40% of the air from their furnace or air conditioning before it gets to the intended room due to duct leakage.

Ambient Edge will use an air pressure system to detect tiny holes in your duct system. We can then address these holes or gaps by making repairs, replacing portions of your ductwork, filling in gaps, or using other sealing methods. These minor repairs can help your energy efficiency levels a great deal.

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