A restaurant without effective ventilation is not a pleasant place to be—for customer or for workers. Restaurant ventilation requires a delicate balance between exhaust fans removing smoke and heat, supply fans replacing the lost air, and the airflow dynamics of your space. And every ventilation setup needs to account for staff workflow on the kitchen line. Don’t trust your commercial restaurant ventilation to an inexperienced company. Call Ambient Edge.

Ambient Edge is Henderson’s leading service for restaurant ventilation installation and repair. We take a scientific approach to optimizing your workspace ventilation—and we understand a restaurant’s priorities. Whether it’s repairing and maintaining an existing system, replacing a single unit, or installing a ventilation system from scratch, no one does a more dependable, effective job than our technicians.

We back every job with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Let us show you how we can help your business. Contact us at 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to the right and talk to an expert today.

Our Restaurant Ventilation Services in Henderson

Ambient Edge handles all types of hoods and exhaust units, make up air units, ductwork, and commercial HVAC—as well as your airflow dynamics. We are full-service professionals who focus on getting your business needs met. We can deliver kitchen ventilation solutions at any point in the equipment life cycle, from sales and installation to emergency repairs.

  • Ventilation system installation Ambient Edge is an authorized dealer for a number of top manufacturers—with a focus on efficiency and dependability. We can provide full installation services, which includes helping you select the optimum configuration for your commercial kitchen space.
  • 24-hour repairs—with fast turnaround Ventilation unit not working? We can have a fully-equipped commercial repair team at your restaurant faster than the competition. We work to minimize downtime and get your operation running as fast as possible.
  • Non-emergency repairs & maintenance If a unit’s performance is declining or you have stubborn airflow problems—or excessive energy costs—we can help. Our experts will isolate the problem and recommend the most cost-effective solution.
  • Maintenance Contracts The best way to control costs is with regular scheduled maintenance & cleaning. Our maintenance plans keep energy costs low, extend equipment lifespan and help avoid costly ventilation emergencies.

The Right Exhaust System for Your Commercial Kitchen

Restaurant ventilation is governed by national standards which every restaurant must meet. This includes separate Type 1 and Type 2 unit requirements depending on the purpose the unit serves in your kitchen:

  • Type 1 Exhaust Hoods are the most rugged and are meant for situations that involve grease or smoke as well as heat (such as grills, fryers, etc.). They must be insulated and fireproof, as well as liquid-proof to contain grease.
  • Type 2 Exhaust Hoods are designed to handle only heat and moisture. They’re typically placed over areas that produce steam such as your dishwasher.

While code decides which type you need, the design and workflow of your kitchen will determine the actual configuration of your hoods. There are three main styles, each with its own advantages:

  • Proximity hoods are placed over a single unit. They require the least exhaust volume of any hood and are great for low exhaust-rate applications.
  • Wall-mounted canopy hoods typically cover an entire bank of appliances. When you have multiple stations or appliances that need the same type of ventilation, placing them together and using a wall-mounted canopy is the best way to reduce ventilation costs.
  • Island canopy hoods extend down from the ceiling over an island of appliances and workspace. These units require the most exhaust volume, but they allow extremely ergonomic workspace design for high kitchen throughput. They can also be a very attractive choice for open kitchens adjoining customer dining space.

Choosing the right configuration is about more than just meeting code—it determines air quality in both your kitchen and your dining area.

Your Make Up Air Unit Determines Air Quality in Your Restaurant

In restaurants, exhaust ventilation is only half the battle. All those hoods and exhaust fans remove a tremendous amount of air from your business. That air needs to be replaced somehow or you get problems ranging from bad smells and low air pressure to clouds of smoke. Not a recipe for a happy customer.

That’s why make up air units (supply fans) are crucial to your kitchen. Make up air units are responsible for bringing in fresh, clean air from the outside to replace the air being exhausted. This exchange has to happen in a delicate balance. Ideally, about 90% of the air being lost is replaced by supply fans. That leaves about 10% to drift in naturally through the building, which creates a gentle airflow toward the kitchen—containing any smells or vapors.

Getting the right make up air unit—and enough capacity—eliminates a number of stubborn problems that every kitchen manager has had to deal with:

  • Backdrafting where smoke fails to exit through the hoods and hangs around the kitchen (or even fills the dining room)
  • Low air pressure that makes doors “stick” and creates gusting near entrances
  • Unwanted drafts in the dining room that leave customers cold or uncomfortable
  • Cooking smells drifting from the kitchen to the dining area
  • Grease failing to be exhausted and coating surfaces throughout the kitchen, wasting staff time with excessive cleanup

Without proper airflow balance, all that extra smoke and grease can also take a toll on equipment, shortening the lifespan of your HVAC system and contributing to sudden failures.

At Ambient Edge, we believe these problems can be solved and we’ve helped commercial kitchen customers fix their airflow problems and get concrete results. Our technicians bring NATE certification, extensive technical training, and years of commercial kitchen experience. No one does a better job than Ambient Edge.

Henderson’s Restaurant Ventilation Experts Are Ready to Help

Let Ambient Edge put the best-trained technicians in Henderson to work for your business. We know how to communicate with restaurant owners and managers, and we focus on providing solutions—and the most cost savings possible. Every job is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call 702-723-4704 or fill out the form to your right and talk to an expert today.

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